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Welcome to 365 manners!

Today, the second edition of 365 Manners Kids Should Know is launched! Ever since this simple, one-a-day guide was published ten years ago, it’s been the go-to guide for parents and kids who want to read about practical, everyday situations and what they demand by way of courtesy and respect.

Since then, much has changed and technology has become the constant companion of communication. This is a whole new horizon for etiquette. We’re more connected than ever — there’s a lot to celebrate there — and yet it seems we’re more prone to offend each other as well.

So we need a little awareness raising, wouldn’t you say? When am I being rude with my cell phone or e-mail use and I don’t even know it? And what can I do about it? We need to get our heads together to come up with some nicer ways to treat each other. That’s what I hear people asking for.

Mention technology manners and everyone has a story. Like the parent who became so frustrated by the self-centered, noisy and uninvited “guests” — those ever-present cell phones — that always show up when her teens have friends over, that she placed a basket by the front door. Here’s where the cell phones hang out until you leave, she said. Now come in the kitchen and enjoy some pizza!

My daughter, Caroline, and I wrote this second edition to take a more contemporary look at etiquette. It’s meant to start a new conversation. The book is part tutorial (for the technology-clueless parent) and part inspiration (with timeless principles of courtesy and respect). We hope you’ll join the conversation. At this spot we’ll share our insights, engage with your questions and look for you to share your solutions with others. We look forward to hearing from you!